All Jewish Lives Matter

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Israel and Freedom are Under Attack!

1) AJLM Supports Israel Advocacy

We are providing real time news and information you won’t find on the mainstream media. Sometimes it will be disturbing. Sometimes it will be heartbreaking. All of the time, it will be honest. We are dedicated to delivering the truth, so that you can make informed decisions on how you will support this mission for peace.

Kfir Unit
IDF Kfir Unit shown here receiving Winter Tactical Equipment.

2) AJLM Fights Anti-Semitism

3) AJLM Raises Capital to Counter Hamas and Terrorist Fabricated Propaganda

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Jewish Lives Matter Movement

Welcome to the Jewish Lives Matter Movement, a passionate initiative aimed at fostering awareness, unity, and support for the Jewish community. Our movement seeks to address the unique challenges faced by Jewish individuals, promote understanding, and stand against discrimination in all its forms. Together, we can build a world where Jewish lives are valued and celebrated.

Why Donate?

As you know, the situation is dire, and we need your immediate support to accomplish these goals. We cannot afford to stand idly by. This is not 1938 Nazi Germany, where we cower in place and plan to flee. We can stand strong and proudly support the one Jewish State in the world. Join us today!

Lastly, this is not just a plea; it is a battle cry for solidarity. Stand with us against terror. Act swiftly, and let your support be a beacon of hope in these dark times.

These are just some of the causes we support

Together, We Make a Difference

By joining the Jewish Lives Matter Movement, you become an essential part of a collective effort to create a world where Jewish lives are valued, respected, and celebrated. Together, we can build bridges of understanding and compassion that transcend boundaries and foster a more inclusive society.

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All Jewish Lives Matter




🔥 Emergency: Israel Under Siege! Donate / Act Now! 🔥

You watch the news; you see it all over social media; Israel is under constant attack from Hamas terrorists while their misinformation machine grinds on. The constant barrage against Israel and the Jewish people is maddening, infuriating and frankly unacceptable.

You want to do something about it, you want to help. Now you can! All Jewish Lives Matter was set up to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Israel Advocacy a. No Cease Fire until all remaining hostages are returned. b. Hamas is eliminated.
  2. Fighting Anti-Semitism in the US a. Providing opposition research for students on campus facing an onslaught of hostile and misguided messaging.
  3. Raising Capital to Battle Hamas Driven Propaganda a. Using our considerable technical and web development resources and expertise to flood social media with Pro Israel messaging for peace in this region.