About Us

Why The Name "All Jewish Lives Matter"?

Don’t all lives matter? Of course they do – full stop! We welcome all people of goodwill who stand on the side of freedom and dignity, and not for a death cult unable and unwilling to come to terms with the only Jewish State of Israel. The horrific events of October 7th shook World Jewry to its core. On that day, the Jewish Holiday of Simchat Torah, the terror group of Hamas kidnapped, raped, mutilated, and eventually murdered 1200 Jews simply for being Jewish and celebrating at a dance festival. Over the following months, we quickly and soberly realized who are our friends and who are not. As a result, we formed the group with the idea that All Jews must finally unite and come together under one banner. Please donate generously and help us ensure this never happens again.

Together, We Make a Difference

By joining the Jewish Lives Matter Movement, you become an essential part of a collective effort to create a world where Jewish lives are valued, respected, and celebrated. Together, we can build bridges of understanding and compassion that transcend boundaries and foster a more inclusive society.