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IDF announces on Dec 31, they are beginning to release five brigades from combat in the Gaza Strip, as the military increasingly gains control on the ground. The goals of the war require lengthy fighting, and we are prepared accordingly. The military would be carrying out “smart” management of the forces in Gaza, allowing reservists to return home to help bounce back the economy, and for standing army troops to train to become commanders.   The Hamas-run health ministry says at least 21,000 people died. Figures issued by the terror group cannot be independently verified and include both civilians and terror operatives killed in Gaza, including as a consequence of terror groups’ own rocket misfires. According to IDF assessments, some 8,500 terror operatives have been killed in Gaza since the start of the war.   Ground operations have in recent weeks led to a significant decline in the number of rockets launched from Gaza at Israel. According to IDF data, in the first week of December, after a weeklong truce with Hamas collapsed, 75 rockets were launched at Israel on average per day. In the following week, that number dropped to 23 rockets on average per day; between December 15 and 21, only 16 rockets were fired per day; and between December 22 to 27, that number dropped to 14.
The data does not include mortars launched at ground troops in Gaza, rockets fired at the sea, and failed launches.  
Video from Hamas terrorist body camera, showing how they use civilian sites to launch RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades)  
Video of IDF raiding a school in Khan Younis part of Gaza with gunmen and weapons  

The IDF releases footage of the Oketz canine unit operating in the Gaza Strip. The military says the unit “in a large number of cases” have sent its dogs to scan buildings before troops raid the site. The dogs have located threats, mapped out buildings, and discovered weapons.   In one incident in northern Gaza’s Jabaliya, an Oketz dog named Patrick was sent to scan a building before troops entered. The dog located and subdued a Hamas gunman who planned to ambush the troops, according to the IDF.   In another incident in Gaza City’s Rimal neighborhood, an Oketz dog named Toy discovered a passage between a building troops were in and another building, where a Hamas gunman was. The dog attacked the operative, preventing the troops from being ambushed, according to the IDF.  
Video from Gaza, IDF with Canine Unit  

Aid To Gaza goes to Terrorists despite what the UN and Red Cross Say. Israel maintains that it is inspecting hundreds of trucks every day and that the reason for the bottleneck is the failure of UN facilitators to keep up with the pace. The UN has argued that mass aid delivery is impossible amid the IDF’s aerial and ground operations in Gaza.   Israel reopened its Kerem Shalom Crossing on December 17 for aid to enter Gaza directly from Israel for the first time since the war’s outbreak. However, the move hasn’t led to the desired increase in aid delivery.  
Terrorists take control of aid trucks in Gaza Terrorists stealing aid from civilians in Gaza Terrorists take control of aid trucks #2  

As of Jan 1, 2024, thousands of doses of vaccines against childhood diseases including polio and measles have started to enter the Gaza Strip to help deal with a growing health emergency, the Palestinian health ministry in Ramallah says.     The Hostages are on everyone’s mind in Israel

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