In response to Letter Sent By Jewish Organizational Staffers To The White House- Go Back to Hebrew School!

Organizational staffers from major Jewish organizations recently sent a letter to President Biden and The White House to press Israel’s hand for a ceasefire. Of course they did! Now that Israel is on the verge of routing the dangerous leadership of Hamas, these leftist and “progressive” staffers choose this specific time to send the letter. Please know this; they don’t speak for the majority of the Jewish people inside the State of Israel or for World Jewry in general. This defeatist attitude is frankly sickening and needs to be called out. Of course it’s nothing new. Firstly, they glibly quote Genesis about the importance of all humans created in God’s image. Maybe, but these people wouldn’t know a Jewish or Torah concept if they tripped over one. One only need to look at Deuteronomy 20:1-19, “When you wage war against your enemy”. The Rabbi’s ask, why state “your enemy’? Who else would you wage war against? Here the Torah is crystal clear. The Rabbi’s answer, “when you wage war, make sure you win and kill off your enemy completely, for he will do the same to you”. Go back to Hebrew School staffers. Learn Torah and know what it really stands for. The Rabbi’s conclude, “Through this verse we learn, when you are merciful to the cruel you will be cruel to the merciful”. Secondly, I doubt these staffers ever saw these collections of horrific videos of October 7th. If they did, all the more we can truly weep and say “Woe to Israel with leaders such as this.”

Civilians Murdered During Nova Music Festival on October 7th