We support and contribute to these worthy organizations/causes! Please join us!

ZAKA volunteers are professionally trained in all aspects of their work related to identification of the deceased, preserving the honor of the dead and ensuring a full and proper Jewish burial. http://www.zakaworld.org

One Israel Fund – Emergency Search and Rescue http://www.oneisraelfund.org

American Friends of Magen David Adom (Israel Red Cross) http://www.afmda.org

Children of Shiloh, Israel Fund – Specifically helping Jewish children located in the West Bank that are being affected by this war www.israelchildren.org

Demand the Removal of Harvard, MIT and Penn Presidents!

Universities should be a safe space for all students. Harvard, MIT, & the University of Pennsylvania themselves have statements and policies against discrimination and harassment. It is clear that even according to these universities’ own policy definitions, Claudine Gay, Sally Kornbluth, & Liz Magill have allowed repeated harassment & discrimination under their watch. Let’s step up as Jews and support our Jewish University students. https://www.change.org/p/demand-the-removal-of-harvard-mit-penn-presidents-following-federal-inquiry?source_location=petitions_browse