Why Create An AJLM Organization and Website?

On October 7th, over 1,200 Israeli’s died or were massacred, over 240 Israeli, US and other foreign nationals were kidnapped, over 4,800 Israeli’s were injured, and 250,000 Israelis were forced to move north of the Gaza Envelope during the current Israeli Hamas Conflict.

Over the following 8 weeks after the initial October 7th attack, globally mass protests were seen on TV, cable, Youtube and social channels, but many of these protests were not supporting Israel following this attack, they were specifically attacking Israel, spewing anti-semitic slogans, equating Israelis with racism, with anti-zionist posters and statements. Much of this pro-palestinian propaganda was supporting the Hamas theory that Israel needs to be driven from the river to the sea.  This was quite shocking to the jewish community in the US, because the US jewish community is quite understanding of palestinian issues, but in the aftermath of a massacre like October 7th, we felt that there had to be a counter narrative to protests on US campuses and among large groups of left-leaning protesters who are following palestinians down the path of equating the attack on October 7th. 

Our group got together in November 2023 to discuss how we can counter this anti-Israel narrative. The biggest issue is very little of the 911 aftermath within Israel was shown around the world. In places like Russia, China, Iran and even Europe, many of the social media messages on TikTok and other social media like Youtube were supporting the Palestinians.

This is completely unfair and we have determined that we need to create this website and this message to communicate way beyond other jewish organizations to counter the unfair anti-Israel messaging. 

Even with the thousands of Palestinians suffering in Gaza, it is still important for Israel to get it’s message clear they are not a racist people, and they are focused on a future of peace and prosperity in the Middle East. But we can not sit by and allow these foreign media create and spew anti-Israel, anti-semitic messaging equating Jews with negative images, in the aftermath of an event that killed and kidnapped babies, children, women, old ladies, and those who had little to do with hurting Palestinians. 

The attack on Israel was a terrorist attack, and any American asked what we would do if Mexico had killed 1,200 Americans on the US border with Texas, would gladly say we need to attack and destroy them, even if 50,000 people died. That is the Israeli perspective. It is not a perspective of letting jews die and sitting back and waiting for somebody to help them. Nobody will help Israel. The US supports Israel, but Israel must take care of itself. 

Peace in the Middle East may or may not be possible, but until Hamas is eradicated, like ISIS, we are going to educate the public on these important issues. If you want to support what we are doing, you can either share our website, social media or contribute. Please email us info@alljewishlivesmatters.com and share any thoughts or questions you have. This is your resource that we are constantly adding to and building.

Thank You From the Editors: Mitch Lefkofsky and Dan Gudema.

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