Urgently Needed – Operational Equipment and Winter Gear For Soldiers Stationed in Israel’s Northern Border.

For most people in the world, Israel’s current conflict is focused strictly on the war in Gaza. The 24 hour news cycle as well as our Social Media feeds are constantly reminding us of the ongoing events in Gaza. However, lesser known are the IDF soldiers stationed on Israel’s northern front. They are being deployed throughout the Upper Galilee, Golan Heights and into the Mt Hermon area- see map below.

This letter came to our attention recently, and was written by an IDF soldier stationed on Israel’s northern front. In the rush of deploying over 350K reservists into Gaza alone, these and other units were left without much needed gear and supplies. As this is winter time, and the Mt Hermon area is the coldest location in Israel, the need for equipment is urgent. This soldier is directly reaching out to people of goodwill to contribute much needed winter gear and supplies. Examples of items needed TODAY are: Military grade Kevlar helmets, winter jackets, boots, gloves, hats, scarfs, high power headlamps, flash lights, rifle lamp mounts, goggles, and much more. Anyone who has a connection with a military or law enforcement supply outlet is strongly encouraged to reach out to us asap at info@alljewishlivesmatters.com In the meantime, please contribute generously using the “Contribute Here” from our Home Page. We will quickly distribute all funds appropriately.

Dear friends and Israel supporters🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 We, about 100 soldiers from the HERMASH company of Battalion 8112, and have been stationed since the beginning of the war in the Hermon sector. Israel’s most Northern border. We serve here with a sense of mission and understanding of the security situation in Israel. Ready to repel any enemy. The army here is prepared, ready, and strong, but we need your help in two areas: Purchasing operational equipment of utmost importance and winter gear that will enable us to survive in extreme weather conditions. The partnership of the People of Israel, in the country and around the world, strengthens us and warms us during the freezing nights. Together, and only together, will we win. Contribute through All Jewish Lives Matter “Contribute Here” from our Home Page, and we will disburse appropriately. Thanking you in advance and Am Yisroel Chai! The Nation of Israel Lives!

Golan Heights and Mt Hermon


Retired Army General Benny Gantz visits Unit.

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